Here’s a diagram of the Tannoy dual concentric. We still have a pair of 15″ Monitor Golds, ideal if you are making a GRF horn loaded cabinet.

Melody’s 12 valve amp! Currently listening to Beethoven (and Eva Cassidy) with Nakamichi CD player, Melody as a power amp, and through the lovely Vienna Haydn speakers. Super soundstage and nice dynamics.  As usual the matching of the components is important, the next step is to try other CD players, transports and DACs.

Hello world!

In December this is what we did:

We recently ran comparisons on cables:

silver cable from QED,

“snowline” from Van den Hul

and ordinary Jaycar 4mm cable.

The consensus was that the silver cable sounded bright, almost tinny, and female voice wasn’t as rich as with the copper cables. The next test was using the same cables with different loudspeakers, the results were inconsistent, but still in line with silver sounding brighter than coppper. This could work in favour of dull speakers. More tests will follow!

Since listening to different cables W has bought the Van Den Hul cable, his comments are eagerly awaited.