More about the Dared 845 amp. We have now used it with a range of speakers, and SE amps seem to handle a wide range of loudspeakers, from the Yamaha fx-1 with 15″ for bass, to the small Epos 12 and Kef Chorales. The Dared has taps for 4 and 8 Ohm loads, and I think the 8 Ohm taps have more control over the drivers even if the speaker impedance is 6 Ohms.

845 valves in power amps

Dared 845 SETLast Wednesday the Melbourne Audio Club had a special meeting to demonstrate the Sound-Smith Strain Guage cartridge (, and the equiment used to show it off was real high end stuff. The amplifiers were designed and built for Louis M by Lucas Cant, and used two 845 valves per monoblock.  Everything else about the amps was also cost size and weight no object, and they sounded really good.

The point of this post is that I came back to listen to the Dared 845 amp we have on demonstration. And it too sounded great.  A customer who also heard them amp even commented on how well it sounded, imaging well and a deep and wide sound stage.

We’ll have it as our reference tube amp for a while.

Pioneer SX-1010

It’s been a while now and we haven’t checked the SX-1010. There wil be an update soon, or please add a comment if you’re interested.

Exciting news, we have just got  in a Pioneer SX-1010, the first of the “monster receivers”. Pics will follow soon, but in the meantime have a look at

We will be selling it for $650 as soon as we’ve checked everything out. It appears to be perfect.