Aronov LS-960i integrated amplifier

We have just received another Aronov product. The preamp we had recently has found an audiophile home, and this LS960 uses the same pre stage. The power output is 60Wpc, and the bass control is supposed to be awesome. I’ll confirm that later.
Sound stage .com say this “Yakov Aronov, the designer of all Aronov equipment, is an electrical engineer who manufactured his first amplifier in 1953. Through the years, he continued to design home and professional amplifiers with attention to sound quality and reliability. The Aronov LS-9100 amps are beautifully finished. Side panels are in a piano-black finish while the faceplate is black glass with a gold-plated logo backlit by a cool X-Files-like green light. A self-biasing quad set of Svetlana 6550C tubes and a single 6AN8 driver tube. The power supply and output transformer are massive.”
Price is expected to be in the $3700 range.


4 comments on “Aronov LS-960i integrated amplifier

  1. Do you have the schematics and or the user’s manual for the Aronov 960i?
    Is it possible to mail me a copy?
    Thank ypu.

      • Hi. Hifiexange, I’m changing the volume attenuator the tubes en other stuff. that’s all.
        Nothing special. Thanks anyway
        best regards,

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