More on the Melbourne Audio Club 17 March meeting

Mohan and members of the Audio Guild (Lowther club) demonstrated some of the best sounding equipment we’ve heard recently. Duc’s Commonwealth turntable with Reed arm and Zyx Airy cartridge sounded great using Duc’s Valve phono stage and 2A3 SET amp (2W).
Altec 15″ 416Bs in Onken cabinets, mids Altec 288c with 1005 multicellular horns, and JBL 2495 for high frequencies all creating a highly dynamic sound, not often heard these days.
If you think 2W single ended is not enough power for the Willis room you are right. The sound was fabulous, but the 2W output was struggling on some peaks. The music was chosen to show off the wide dynamic range, one of the highlights was Lighning Hopkins blues recorded in 1963. It makes one wonder why so many modern recordings seem incapable of capturing natural sound!


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