Note Perfect speakers

A pair of Mike Kontor’s biggest speakers are in the shop to sell on behalf of a club member.
We know that they were delivered new with Morel midrange drivers, but were upgraded by Ron N, the well known crossover expert to Vifa and a passive radiator.


5 comments on “Note Perfect speakers

  1. An amateur has tinkered with what is considered to be one of the best speakers in the world! Typical Melbourne audiophile stuff!

    • Ron Newbound is no amateur, he is highly respected and knows more about crossovers than many so called loudspeaker manufacturers. If you don’t believe me come and listen. To put the record straight a large number of serious listeners to music and top end hifi equipment have heard this pair of speakers before and after the upgrade. Maybe Mike should listen for himself.

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  3. I no this is a old thread, but I do have to agree with mike!!
    A lot of so called experts do more harm than good

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