Big amplifiers

In the last 10 days we have demonstrated and sold 2 big ME amplifiers. On Tuesday a customer bought the B+W 801 speakers. After listening with his Cambridge 640 for a while he borrowed the ME750 and Krell preamp. The next day he was waiting at the front door to pay for the Krell and ME!
The ME 850 is also in daily use, so the only big amps left are the Harman Kardon Citation (200 Wpc) and the Madrigal Proceed (125 Wpc).

Valve Radios!

We now have a number of collectable and interesting valve radios in stock. All tested and working beautifully, there is an Airzone, some AWAs, Phillips, Stromber Carlson, Kreisler etc. see

Cymer valve amp, Note Perfect Maestro

We now have pricing on the Cymer Edison valve monoblocks, about $7000, and the Note Perfect Maestro speakers at $4750. (These are the top of the range Note Perfect speakers, upgraded crossover by Ron Newbound)
The Cymers are playing at the moment, they seem capable of driving anything, and the bass is very defined and extended. We have powered the Final electrostatics with many solid state and valve amps, so far this is the best combination.

ME 850 and 750, and Harman Kardon Citation

Powerhouse amplifiers this month! On demo and available now are a nice HK Citation 20 and 21 preamp and 200 Watt per channel power amp, in almost new condition.
Also an ME 750 and an ME 850, ideal for driving the Final electrostatic speakers described in an earlier post.
All of the above are in excellent condition, one owner from new.

Final Electrostatic

We have a pair of Final’s 600 electrostatic speakers on demo at the moment. If you like Quad ESL 57 or ESL63, these have the same uncoloured sound, 3D presentation (wide and deep soundstage), and quite reasonable bass response. The low notes are clean and quick, you can easily differentiate bass guitar, kick drum, bouble bass, etc. Pictures to follow, but if you are interested you’ll see them on our Ebay pages, look up “johns_hifi_exchange” or item number 130388873157.
There are also several other interesting bits, some being sold as part of a deceased estate.