Apogee Mini Grand

These speakers are recognized as one of the best speakers ever made. There were very few sold in Australia and they are in close to new condition. A finer pair you will not find.

Ok so they are close to new condition. They have been very carefully cared for. Have all manuals, packing materials including custom made crates and the original faux leather socks. The only thing missing is the little plumb bob and six of the threaded spikes for the subwoofers (easy enough to procure something with the correct thread profile to use.

They are the most desirable Anthracite with Mahogany trim version.

They have harmonix tuning dots all over them and have higher quality caps and resistors in some sections of the active crossover.

The bass drivers have their original foam surrounds which are in ‘as new condition’.

I have 6 lengths of Symo cable available if needed for tri-wiring/amp configuration. This cable was the classic match for these speakers.

They are regarded quite rightly as a classic and are seen as one of the best speakers ever made. Most people believe they are the best sounding Apogees with the advantage of the dipole ribbon tweeter and mids and the power and weight of the dual subwoofers which give flat response below 20 hz.

They are characterized by a massive soundstage (height, width and depth), huge dynamic swings (short of horns) and incredible beauty of tone.

They were class ‘A’ rated in Stereophile for many years.

In Australia there were only around 5 pairs sold. They retailed for something like $18000 in 1994 over here.

These speakers although having bespoke packing crates that are fitted over the original cardboard shipping boxes and foam are too heavy to practically ship overseas so are really for people in Australia only. Weight is something like 80kg per speaker or thereabouts.

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