Altec 805/288 and Celestion

The desirable Altec compression driver and horn, matched to 18″ Celestions crossing ove at 500Hz. In the centre of the picture you can see the EV crossover and Yamaha 4 channel amp. The speakers (without crossover) are $3000, crossover and amp an extra $500, or we have original Altec crossovers, designed for 8 Ohm drivers at $290.
The Altec 288 is the 16 Ohm original.
Ideal for low power and single ended amplifiers.

Tannoy HPD 295As in Eaton boxes

Many Tannoy enthusiasts consider the 10″ version of the Tannoy driver to be the better sounding when compared to the 15″, and 12″ versions, Sensitivity is rated between 87.5 and 91dB for 1W at 1m



Melbourne Audio Club Kostas Metaxas Reel to Reel

Kostas at work

Wednesday 18 August Kostas brought examples of his audio and vvideo recordings. He showed a film made at a fine violin dealer, demonstrating differences between Guaneri, Stradivari and other fine violins. Then there was an interview at the Stuart Piano workshop, and interviews with Mark Levinson, and a visit to Stellavox in Switzerland.
A most interesting and entertaining visit.

Note Perfect update.

New price on Maestro, 26 August 2010
The Note Perfect speakers have been in use for a couple of weeks now. They will be playing this weekend, as well as (still to be confirmed) a nice pair of Quad ESL57. This should be an interesting experience, both speakers are low colouration, the ESL57s are great on voice and smaller forces, whereas the big Note Perfect Maestros have bass like few other speakers. We have also been able to offer these impressive speakers at a reduced price.

Spiral Groove at Melbourne Audio Club

Spiral Groove co-founder and principal Allen Perkins will demonstrate the set up of the Spiral Groove turntable and (amazing) Centroid arm Monday 9th August at the Melbourne Audio Club.
This turntable was reviewed in the June 2010 edition of Stereophile, the reviewer Brian Damkroger said “The Centroid tonearm may be the best tonearm I’ve heard. It is not leaving my listening room”.
Recently Sound Smith of the USA demonstrated their cartridges, including the legendary Strain Guage.
This meeting (8 PM in the Willis Room) should be a high point in the audio calendar.