Tannoy HPD 295As in Eaton boxes

Many Tannoy enthusiasts consider the 10″ version of the Tannoy driver to be the better sounding when compared to the 15″, and 12″ versions, Sensitivity is rated between 87.5 and 91dB for 1W at 1m




2 comments on “Tannoy HPD 295As in Eaton boxes

  1. Totally agree, brilliant HPD295a tops HPD range for sound quality. owned 5 pairs, still got 2. Also better than IIILZ and 12″ Gold, which I’ve also owned. This driver belongs in a decent sized transmission line cabinet to work best! Avoid first HPD295 model from Chevening system, it has perishing foam surrounds. HPD295a has lasting butyl rubber suspension. Good luck!

    • Thanks Geoff, I’ve noticed that Tannoy owners seem to end up with more than one pair!
      Question for Geoff: what size transmission line cabinet so you recommend?

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