Dave’s away!

Changes at Hifi Exchange, Dave no longer works here, and the shop is closed until further notice. However there will still be info and discussions on this blog about Audio. please check again soon.


7 comments on “Dave’s away!

  1. I think you need to do more than renovate your store, you also need to take stock of the way you treat your customers. I keep hearing the same thing you give people rock bottom price when purchasing equipment and frequently you re-neg on deals after agreeing unconditionally to a price. You then market the equipment for a substantially higher price and wonder why people get annoyed! Further more time and time again you sell faulty equipment particularly amplifiers, and people have to go to the trouble to return faulty equipment supposedly checked by your in -house technician. Shame on you – please clean up your act or go back to cameras or your toy cars.!!

    In regards Dave – shame on you – he was great and he probably woke up to you!

  2. Message for Dave or John. How do I collect items left on consignment.? No replies to messages on the answering machine.

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