How do you switch amps and speakers?

Advice please! What is the best way to run three or four amplifiers, preamps and say, two pairs of speakers? I would like t be able to switch from Luxman or a DIY preamp, to a choice of three power amps, and then listen through big JBLs or Tannoys, or whatever other equipment becomes available.

I’ve thought about relays, however multi position rotary switches also seem like a reliable option.

All the electronics are in a rack, the speakers are not more than 5 meters away.

The aim is to be able to demonstrate by switching from one amp or pre to another using different speakers. At  John’s hif exchange we did this by crawling around unplugging and plugging the chosen equipment. There has to be an elegant option other than the usual “comparator” switch box. They often added complication and suffered from bad connections too.

Please give me you suggestions! Thanks.


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