Yamaha NS1000M for sale

I recently listenend to a pair of NS1000 speakers at a friend’s home. They are available for sale at $2800. He bought them new ans has kept them in pristine condition, he even has the instruction book that they were supplied with.

He has upgraded to big 15 inch bass drivers and horn mid and treble. A small group is going to visit him early next week,  if anyone is interested send me an email: hifixchange@gmail.com


Electrocompaniet ECi1 Great amp, details will follow son)

Nakamichi 410 pre and power amp

Pair Onkyo speakers like Yamaha NS1000 (12 bass, dome mid and tweeter)

Possible sale of Altec 511b or 811b horns and Altec 802 ord 808 drivers. I’ve been listening to these for a while and it seems crazy to keep both pairs.

Radford STA 25 Series 3

The Radford is available again! As a student the owner bought it from Encel Stereo, possibly the last STA 25 series 3 to be sold in Australia. Now a successful medical man he is willing to let go of what used to be his pride and joy. I still have to get it for a reasonable price, I hope to sell it for $2500.

Conservative rating of 25w per channel from EL34 output tubes and EF68 with ECF82 driver tubes. This amp  can be differentiated form the similar STA 15  by its manual bias adjustment.

See pictures earlier in the blog, just type “Radford” in the search menu.