Tannoy 15″ HPD

Ron N of the Melbourne Audio club has put a for sale ad in the latest club magazine, pair of Tannoy 15 dual concentric (no more details) in 115 litre cabinets (Glenair style) offers around $2000.

If you’re interested email as these will go fast,

The meeting had a presentation by Mike Barabasz of Lorrantz Audio, well known pro speaker manufacturer in Melbourne. Excellent meeting, we all learned a lot. I’ll try to get some of Mike notes and publish them here.

Wanted: cabinet for Tannoy Gold 15 inch

Today Henry asked if anyone had a pair of boxes to suit Tannoy 15 inch Gold Monitors. Arden Windsor Buckingham York Lancaster all are suitable, perhaps someone out there has Autograph or GRF boxes?.

My choice would be 300 litre boxes, or Onken designs.