Kef 104Ab in excellent condition

A pair of Kef 104 Ab s in really nice condition has arrived, one owner who has just bought a home theatre and will probably never use theme again.

The lineup includes the T27 tweeter as used in the LS3/5a, the SP1039 with it’s short coil and long gap for least distortion, and the passive radiator based on the B139, the SP1042.

Will sell for $300, collect only in Blackburn please.

An interestin article about Kef drivers can be found at

KEF’s 8” bextrene unit, the B200, appeared in 1970 and along with the B139, B110, 
T15 and T27, comprised a range of drive units, under continual development, that 
formed the mainstay of KEF systems from 1967 through to the late 1970s. The B200 
and T27 were combined in the two-way Chorale in 1970, which replaced the Celeste 
as the company’s best selling product; and the B110 and T27 were chosen for the 
famous BBC designed LS3/5A broadcast monitor."

Kef 104 Ab


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