SACD vs CD and a visit to Red

Saturday was an interesting test of CD and SACD. The advantage of SACD was a wider and deeper image, and cleaner highs: but the difference varied from track to track! The various Stockfisch samples were clearly superior on SACD, but it seems that listener fatigue soon makes comparisons invalid. More later.

A visit to Red’s home by the Melbourne Audio Club DIY group was most interesting. Glen had made o pair of 845 SETs for another member, and they were being tested as breadboard prototypes. Running on about 1100v0lt HT the 845s were not stressed, the drivers were EL84s running at 400v, quite hot. With luck there will be a circuit of the design soon.

Sound was at ;east as good as expected, and through the 15 inch Tannoy HPDs was excellent. (The listening session followed a barbecue and some good red wine, and the highlight of the dessert break was, again, Wen’s spectacular trifle.


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