Tannoy Autographs by Shindo

A few of us had the opportunity to really listen to a pair of Shindo Autographs with Tannoy Reds yesterday. It really is as good as they say! The boxes are huge but perfectly made and finished (A full 12 months elapsed between ordering and paying and the delivery of the cabinets). Driven by ┬ácustom 300B push-pull monoblocs, and a Jadis preamp, and the source was a Victor turntable with two arms, we listened to a ZYX and a Shelter cartridge. More bass than I’ve ever heard from horn loaded Tannoys, and the inimitable midrange for which both Tannoy and 300B amps are renowned. (The amps used original Western Electric 300Bs)

The most memorable sound was from well recorded cello and string bass concertos, and some great jazz. We even listened to Hugh Masekela and Bert Kaemphert’s Swinging Safari! It sounded more lifelike than I’ve heard before, and more revealing and detailed. The highest frequencies where supplemented with a JBL biradial driver, possible a little too much. Three of us were already Tannoy owners, now thinking about the possibility of replicating the Autograph corner horns!

Thank you T and D for the most impressive afternoon, so much good sound.

Pictures will be added as soon as I can get copies from Peter.

Listening at Dave’s on Boxing day

We had an informal listening afternoon on the 26th. The JBLs and Tannoys were going full tilt for a while listening to all the favourite tracks. Charlie was nin charge of the selections, so it was mainly jazz with a little rock and some classical: then Tan brought out his Mange demo disc!

The O-Zone group’s Jazz variations was very impressive, played really loud the floor shook with the deep bass drumming. You had to be there!

Demonstrations of the disc will be up and running at John’s hifi exchange the second Saturday in January. I don’t think it will be quite as good as through the JBLs and 18″ subs, but come and listen anyway. And I also wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.