Wednesday Guitar Workshop

Wed 21st was the anticipated guitar workshop, and it was presented by Richard Hunt. With him were Robert Little (Bass player for Tommy Emmanuel), Ron Peers (lead guitar Stylus), Steve Romig (Guitar and songwriter, John Farnham’s band) and Roger McLaghlan from the Little River Band. The guitars on show included an entry level acoustic which was given away to one of the audience (more later) and about 20 other guitars worth about $140 000. Rarely have I seen so many Fenders in one place! Each guitarist described his instruments and when and how they played them, Roger mentioned a tour they had returned from, 12 countries in 19 days.


OZONE, great drum track

This is track 15 (Jazz Variants) on the Manger test disc that we played to great acclaim on Boxing Day at Daves. The drumming is so powerful that the bass drum thumps are almost enough to knock the breath out of your lungs! We played this track so many times that even the neighbours recognize it everytime I put it on.

Here is a video of the group performing:

The O-Zone Percussion Group consists of selected percussionists at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Valve amp clinic FREE

The date for the free valve clinic will be the 14th April, here is a quote from Johns Hifi Exchange

“Saturday 14th April we will be have a free “Check Out Your Tube Amp” clinic for all customers.

open to all – you don’t need to be a regular customer or even have bought the item from us.

Our tech will be on hand to give your amp a run over as follows:

1. Check bias current in output tubes..a good sign an amp is healthy

2. Check output tube life, performance and matching

3. Check amp for even frequency response, noise, distortion and, if you are brave, maximum power output.

4. Preamps can be tested for RIAA phono accuracy.

If you buy tubes on the day we will bias your amp free of charge.

Note- tests will be performed on power or integrated amps using up to four octal output tubes only – EL34/6CA7, 6550, KT88, KT66 and 6L6GC.  This includes ALL Leak, Quad, Radford, Pre 1980 McIntosh, Marantz, Dynaco and most chinese amps except SET models.  No direct heated triode amps and no amps with more than four output tubes due to time constraints.  (If unsure ask in advance)”

Just came across this blog and had to paste some of his JBL images here!

Have arrived again, is a PIONEER EXCLUSIVE model 2402. Perform maintenance than this, a special painted. There is only one set, we will customize the color of your choice at your reservation. Purple Heart piano paint and was very popular exclusive version of the 2402 wine red piano paint finish and to use the same thing, and JBL 4344 piano black walnut baffle coating can also be painted as. (Including special paint cost) 1,398,000 yen · · · Price pair your reservations early.

More JBLs:

Listening at Golden Age Audio

Last night at Duc’s we had a great evening, visitors included Dave T, Peter N, Peter C, Bryan, Paul, Lou and many more (maybe because of the delicious barbie provided.

Equipment used and on display included: Commonwealth, Garrard 401, Denon and other turntables, Duc’s own arm with a Denon103 in his wood case, and the good sounding EL34 amp originally built by Lucas Cant and upgraded by Duc, and the well known Altec speakers that now use dual 604 bass drivers and 803 horns. Super tweeter as expected was the JBL slot.

Rugiero Ricci

Last night Cam and I listened to Rugiero Ricci playing at the Kingsway Hall in London (LP from Speakers Corner, at Peter’s house). Because the venue is built over the London Underground between Piccadilly and Holburn stations the sound of trains running under Peter’s house was quite unnerving! During the performance a number of trins rumbled past, faithfully recorded on the vinyl and reproduced on the Apogee Divas.

The rest of the programme was not disturbed by trains, we enjoyed Allison Krause, Ben Webster, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee and much more. The system id very revealing,  Peter changed cables between the AN preamp and power amps and the difference was marked. More details once I can verify the cable sounds again, perhaps when we listen to Richard’s Apogees next week.