Back after a long break!

After a lot of things happened I am able to get back into this blog. SORRY about the long delay.

Long list of product updates, the highlights are:

Krell KSA100S for sale about $2500. Amp is in perfect condition, including  the Krell remote control.. It has had one owner since new, I’ll post what his replacement equipment is after an audition later this week.

Krell KSA100S from

VTL 300 amp with original valves in excellent condition. The reason for selling is the owner is moving to smaller premises shortly and doesn’t want to just put the amp and big speakers in storage. Price $3000

John still has a Mark Levinson 333available, nice amp.

Krell KSA-100S, frequency response at 2W into 4 ohms, in balanced mode from Stereophile

Also a Parasound A21, prices on the Hifiexchange website.

Possibly still available (5 July 2012) a JC2 Parasound preamp, price negotiable around $3000…

A lot of stuff has come and gone since the last blog post, the biggest selling items have been various Tannoy speakers, a couple of pairs of JBL studio monitors, Kefs by the dozen, and recently a superb Harbeth HB3

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