More interesting amps, this one all Telefunken.

This is on the JAC-Music site:

Name:     Holger Barske
Date:     30-11-2011
Country:  Germany
Subject:  All Telefunken amplifier

This picture was placed here with the kind permission of Holger Barske. Picture made at European Triode festival, Stella, France, 2011. Personally I like this picture so much. It reminds me of a ship in a bottle. Think of how to get in the parts. This should be fun at an exhibition. All people want to look inside, through the filling hole 🙂

Estimated price for the TFK tubes I see here, if NOS: Pair of ECC83S 350 Euro, Pair of EL34, 500 Euro, RGN1064, 150 Euro. So 1000 Euro for the tubes, 5 Euro for the RF shielded housing 🙂 Wonderful project. The owner is unknown to me, but perhaps he reads this, and would like add his comments here. Be welcome!

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