Tannoy Canterbury on Ebay

A pair of these lovely Tannoys with Alnico magnets and pepperpot waveguide:

Canterbury SE

From the seller:

The Tannoy Canterbury SE One of the most iconic and musically engaging loudspeakers ever created. This loudspeaker has been the soother of my soul and my most prized possession.  Regretful genuine sale due to moving and downsizing.  All original packing boxes and accessories including frequency response & impedence graphs[won’t upload but can send on request] and certificate of Quality control, lockable grilles with keys, cabinet wax, carpet pads, owners manual and original receipt of purchase from Challenge Hi Fi.

These had a RRP over triple the starting price and is offered elsewhere with genuine enquiries. Can be Auditioned by Serious buyers only. These speakers are LARGE and weigh 63Kg unpacked and 70Kg each, packed with the original  boxes. Packed Dimensions are 120cm X 79cm X 60cm X 2 So sensitive freight couriers like COPE is the only real option as skimping on the quality of freight not a consideration I will entertain for both our mutual protection and your long term satisfaction.

You Can view additional information on Audiogon under my tag Thermonic Avenger. My current setup after much researching is no longer the Rola STA but 2 Flanagan Custom C-Core 100 w EL 34 monoblocks with a Monarchy Audio M24 Dac/Pre modded by Lenehan Audio [photo4] This setup offers the air and detail of the Rola STA with more low end punch and control plus dynamic impact and transient attack and imaging that rivals a live event with the right recording.  I could rant and rave about how good these speakers sound but if you have read thus far I am sure you already know that.  Please no low ball offers or non genuine enquiries. I am happy to give freight quotes, supply extra information + photos and answer all sensible questions promptly. Thank you for taking the time to read my ad Should you choose to bid and end up buying you will not be disappointed. 
Kindest regards Audiophillia



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