Cable testing at John’s hifi exchange

Saturday we had an opportunity to compare a range of  interconnects and speaker cables. The equipment was a Mark Levinson CD player with variable output used as source and preamp stage for the Mark Levinson 331 amplifier, and then the Meridian 200w power amp.

Interconnects began with an improvised cable using tonearm wire covered with a sticky tape and cheap RCA plugs, various medium and high priced cables and perhaps the nicest was a Van den Hul carbon interconnect.

Speaker cables were harder to rate. The MIT cables with mysterious boxes on each end where again auditioned on Sat 1 Sep. Probably the best sounding cables by a reasonable margin, and now on hold with a second hold! The system for this comparison was various good but not esoteric CD players and the superb Audio Note L4 integrated EL34 amp.

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