Trevor Lees at Melbourne Audio.

Trevor Lees is the presenter at Wednesday night Melbourne Audio Club meeting. His theme will be preamps, expect to be entertained!

Start time 8pm 19th Sept in the Willis room at the. Nunawading civic centre. Trevor’s own designs are still desirable, his comments about his and other designs are entertaining to say the least.


Listening to Quicksilver 8417 with JBL4331

Early listening is very promising, the speaker terminals are screws that can hold spade ended cable. As usual the CD player is my Sony 505ES, preamp is a DIY solid state unit, and the speakers are the JBL 2 way 4331s. I do still use a pair of 18″jbls as subs when  needed, but the sound is pretty good with just the 15″” ( 38cm) cone type JBL2231A, and mid-high horn type JBL 2308+2312+2420.


I have ordered more RCA valves as the existing valves are getting tired. Still, the sound is pretty good and quite tight, no sloppy bass or rolled off treble. More listening underway!