Four channel 450 Watt Ebony amps, TAS system

The Absolute Sound shop (in Hawthorn, Vic) and Surya supplied real high end gear as well as offering a great service. One of their unique products was the TAS system.

Now Surya’s own system as installed in his home is for sale. In part the system is made up of  speakers using the best drivers available including Raven ribbons, Esoteric mids and tweeters and others which will be listed later. All electronics and cables are included, as are four Ebony 4-channel 450wpc amplifiers. The build of the amplifiers is impeccable, and uses high grade components. Be prepared the amps are heavy due to the large power transformers. We listened to one on Saturday, and more listening is planned for Red’s “Yello” meeting.

Front and some of the components

The transformers of the Ebony


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