Tannoy Stirling sold

Before the small (10″) Tannoy DC was sold a dew days ago we powered them with a little Thorens PR24 amplifier.

The Thorens uses 13 valves, ECC83 (12AX7) and 6973 (6CZ5) in the output stage. These are pretty rare amplifiers, Kevin in Sydney was rebuilding one, this is the only one I’ve seen.

The sound was so good the Tannoys were sold on one demonstration, The little Thorens is not very powerful but with Tannoys or similar quite efficient speakers it is a gem.

Another picture

Front view of the Thorens


One comment on “Tannoy Stirling sold

  1. Hi Dave…..I have the Thorens up and running finally, restoration done by David Peach from Peach Audio in Annandale…the sound is spectacular through a pair of Goodmans Triaxioms 212’s.

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