Tannoy Monitor Gold 15″

At last, a pair of  15 inch Tannoy Monitor Golds, this time in reproduction GRF cabinets. Not as big as Autographs but still quite large.


We ran these beautiful speakers with the Thorens  amp, with the Mark Levinson 331, and using Naim and Sony CD players. Preamp was the upgraded Ming Da for the ML331. Because they are GRF boxes they have to be in the corner for the full horn effect, imaging is excellent but the best listening position is closer to the boxes than intuitive reasoning suggests. Nice full range, very efficient, fast transients, and handles even less than ideal recordings with aplomb. (What is a plomb?)

For a contrast we used the same equipment to drive a pair of JBL 4331 monitors. Both sounded good using the Mark Levinson: It really is a matter of taste, and this is a rare opportunity to hear both side by side. be quick, the Tannoys have created a lot of interest.

Bricasti M1



Stereophile had a rave write up of the Bricasti M1 last year, Studio Connections kindly invited us to a talk introducing the M1 last night. The designer, Brian Zollner demonstrated what the unit could do as well as some information of the journey, constantly finding ways to reduce jitter (which Brian called the most important step), less ripple on the power supplies, and developing user selectable filters:  linear and “apodising” and we had an opportunity to compare.

Rogers LS3/5A

I was just reading (in the current “Stereophile”) the test of the new Kef LS50 50th anniversary speaker that is about the same size as the LS3/5A . The history of the LS3/5A is really well documented, thYahoo group is also very active. Anyone interested in these little gems must check  http://www.ls35a.com/ More about them here http://www.44bx.com/images/1976-29.pdf

GOOD NEWS: It looks like John is selling his Rogers LS3/5As for $1500. I have listened to this pair and seen the Clio test results, a very well matched pair of 15 Ohm examples  http://hifiexchange.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=947

Tannoy Westminster Royal SE

David (who built his own Westminster cabinets) sent me this link:


Having had the good fortune of hearing a couple of pairs of Westminsters, and an excellent Autograph reproduction (using Tannoy Red)s, I found Jeff Day’s description of his big Westminsters  as particularly pleasing.

The last pair of Westminsters was sold to a Tannoy lover who lives fairly close to John’s shop. He and 4 of his friends actually loaded the Tannoys on the roofs of two cars using blankets and straps to protect them and then drove off; sadly no one took a photo!