Tannoy Monitor Gold 15″

At last, a pair of  15 inch Tannoy Monitor Golds, this time in reproduction GRF cabinets. Not as big as Autographs but still quite large.


We ran these beautiful speakers with the Thorens  amp, with the Mark Levinson 331, and using Naim and Sony CD players. Preamp was the upgraded Ming Da for the ML331. Because they are GRF boxes they have to be in the corner for the full horn effect, imaging is excellent but the best listening position is closer to the boxes than intuitive reasoning suggests. Nice full range, very efficient, fast transients, and handles even less than ideal recordings with aplomb. (What is a plomb?)

For a contrast we used the same equipment to drive a pair of JBL 4331 monitors. Both sounded good using the Mark Levinson: It really is a matter of taste, and this is a rare opportunity to hear both side by side. be quick, the Tannoys have created a lot of interest.


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