DIY at Melb Audio Club 19 December

The annual DIY night, 3 speaker systems, Bob the Builder’s spherical speakers sounded really good, Russel T’s speakers consisted of a Peerless woofer and passive radiator for bass, mid tweeter mid modules standing on top using Hivi mid 297-432_aand Aura tweeter. The third system was Wally’s Gale 401 design, sounding very good with Dayton woofers and Philips dome mid and top. Red’s amazing 10Y preamp sounding very good with Chris’ Lundahl output Oppo 95. Lots of static displays.

Plenty of time to socialise, the second half of the night dedicated to chat and coffee.

MOST IMPORTANT: Guests and visitors are very welcome, however the January meeting will be the bring and buy meeting. Members only are able to buy and sell for the first half of the night, so  join the club before the next meeting (I expect some bargains on the tables in January, there were great CDs and LPs last year).


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