Balanced Audio Technology

My last Saturday for a while was interesting, nice meeting  I V who is taking the beautifully made corner horns. The Tannoy drivers are still available (as are others). The BAT amplifier is probably sold, I will miss that monster for the way it drives the Duntechs. So far tghe best sounding combination: Krell preamp (sold to F C) balanced connection to the BAT 500 driving the big Black Prince DunnyTechs. The CD was the Naim CD5.

That’s all for now unless I can get online while I’m away, it would be nice if someone would like to add posts, just send a comment and I will get back to you.

Enjoy your music and Hi Fi!

Holidays and travel

Sorry about the lack of updates, holidays and trips have been getting in the way. If anyone out there would like to add content over the next 6 weeks please leave a comment and I’ll get straight back to you. THANKS