Post from Vietnam

Live music all over Vietnam, some acoustic, but all the hotels and some bars in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) have live bands, many Australian expats! As in many other places the performers are often from the Phillipines, and very professional. The best sound is usuall with my favourite, JBL, and JBL is represented everywhere.

Hue had two beachfront restaurants, both with aussie roots, and live music every night. The Louisiane is a micro brewery with good food and good beer, but not as cheap as “fresh beer” in Hoi An, ranging from 25c to 80c a 330 ml glass.

While walking around Hanoi today we came across a really good audio store called Techno Land. Huy showed us around, they have better stock than most Australian specialist stores, but with limited space (In Hanoi the old properties are about 4 meters wide, and up to 200 meters deep! Called tube houses). Their display stock included Linn, many top of the range Dynaudio in unusual wood finishes, B+W, and of course JBL. Amplifiers from Linn and Plinius were on dem. Highly recommended if you are in Hanoi, lovely people. And afterward have an excellent cofffee at any of the amazing coffee shops and french cake shops. Vietnamese coffee is superb.

I tried to find the “M Audiophile” coffee shop in Da Lat, but sadly the directions I was given were insufficient, but I had an interesting walk anyway.


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