Tannoy Canterbury HE

We listened to a pair of Canterbury HE speakers last night, powered by Audio Note with SE6l6s, then with Audio Research solid state, then Electrocompaniet 100w. An earlier session used Cary 300B monoblocks.

The question is: Are there any other Tannoy Canterbury HEs in or near Melbourne?  Please let me know, we would love to make some comparisons. Pictures and comments after I’ve had another listening session.

Hifi in Hanoi


Hai Ba Trung (street) in the Hanoi Old Town, the Hi Fi street. Other good shops nearby.

Hai Bà Trưng, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam (Put this name into Google Maps)SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCAccuphase home!

Arthur Rapos and Elektra

(Wed 17th) Arthur presented his newest range of pre and power amplifiers at the Melbourne Audio Club.  |Fairly small turnout, but it was interesting to hear Arthur’s design priciples and how he ensures the lowest possible distortion using the best sounding components as well as the layout, thus reducing magnetic and electrostatic coupling. The sound was interesting using a Cambridge CD player and Sonus Faber speakers. Nick provided the discs which were very interesting and wide ranging. By the way, I\m sure John has a couple of Theatrons at the Hifi Exchange, open as usual Sat .

Phase Linear 400 Mk II

Just offered for quick sale: one Phase Linear 400 Mk II, gold front, LED power meters. Condition: electronics very good, face plate shows marks and has had a name engraved into it! These amps are very well regarded for sound and power. OFFERED FOR  $450. Contact me, I will post photos soon.

And from another source a pair of 18″ JBLs in 360L boxes, offers around $900 inc boxes. Photos soon, or drivers only if the boxes are too big.