Wednesday 17th is the Charles van Dongen night. If you have never heard the Nakamichi Dragon speakers here is your chance!

Expected|: a new surround decoder from Charle van Dongen using FOUR active Nakamichi/Whyse electrostatic panels with powered Whyse subs built in to each speaker. As we have heard ¬†Wally say “these are the best speakers I’ve ever heard”. So good that both he and Chris have bought their own. Should be an exceptional listening session. 8pm at the Willis room, Nunawading Civic Centre.


SEPTEMBER: Continuum(!) the people behind this incredible turntable will be talking about the industry, at this stage no demonstration

OCTOBER MEETING: Hifi Audio show

NOVEMBER MEETING: Looking forward to Rockian introducing and selling interesting DISCS AND LPS. Osborne will be providing speakers and electronics. Greg has always brought really interesting equipment and usually offers members a good deal. Bev and Ian runningg the Rockian sales counter again.


JANUARY MEMBERS BRING AND BUY NIGHT and as before some great bargains to be found. Non members and dealers will have to be patient and wait until the 9:30 break before they can buy.

So a good range of programmes, thanks to the coordinator Nick.

Melbourne Audio Club agm 19 JUNE 2013

Cold and wet Melbourne, but that’s no excuse not to go to the AGM Wednesday night and nominate and vote for your committee members.

Music will be members choice, speakers by Roche of London (Wally!) and the ribbons will be powered by his favourite Carver 250 watter.

Other thing: Peter has decided to put his Tannoy Canterbury HEs aside, possibly for sale. At the moment it’s back to Apogees until the Goto system can be tried. Much more later.

Playing at the Hifi Exchange

Speakers that have sounded good this week have been the Tannoy 12″ Golds that were sold a few days ago, now we can compare 10 Gold and 15″ Golds in the corner GRF boxes. So far the best amps with the Tannoys have been valve amps, today we listened with the Luxman 70, last week with the Luxman 36F. Both great, but the best was with the little SET lux kit using unusual valves that are 2A3 in small envelopes (with 6.3 v heaters). Total power is only about 2 Watts but what a lovely sound.

Comments made last week about the Mark Levinson 331 driving Quad ESL 63s where that it was not the best combination. So we used the Luxman 70 today, and frankly the Quad magic was still not there.

Derek has promised we can listen to his open baffle Lowthers soon. Keep watching this space, using an Earl Weston 300B amp or maybe something else.

And next Melbourne Audio Club meeting will have Wally’s ribbon speakers, perhaps with a Nakamichi amp and CD player. Wednesday 19 June at 8 pm.