Open Baffle Lowther at Derek.

A chance to hear some open baffle Lowthers. Having just listened to Vivid V1.5s driven by Conrad Johnson this is a week of fast clean systems.

I was impressed to hear Derek’s open baffle Lowther PM6A system on Friday. I was expecting fast transients and accurate leading and trailing edges to the music, but was preparing myself for the usual peaks in the Lowther response. What a surprise! An open baffle Lowther that did NOT have shrieking strings, penetrating brass and all the usual Lowther attributes. But it did have amazing speed and transparency, showing off the quality of a Wadia CD player and a superb custom preamp and Weston 300B SE valve amp.

Spendor and Chartwell

Hi Fi Exchange has recently been demonstrating several Spendor BC1 and SP1 speakers. Only one pair of BC1s left, it has been very interesting to campare the spendors with Quad ESL63, Tannoy 10″, small Klipsch, Quad 11 and whatever else was on the floor. Not surprising that almost all the Spendors have been sold, at the moment only one pair left. The amazing Chartwell PM450P (BBC LS8) has been sold to a very happy new owner. He was kind enough to let us listen to them most of Saturday morning before he took them home.