September Melbourne Audio Club meeting

AKSA amps  presented by Hugh Dean including his latest, first half of the meeting with the 100 Watt Aksa, then the new all MOSFET version which sounded even better. 80Watts, but an open yet pleasant sound, with a some of the valve sound that Hugh was trying to achieve. Well done, and selling for $2200.

Speakers were the Triangle kits the Nick and Ron made some time ago, also sounding pretty good in the difficult Willis room. Great selection of music provided by Nick; lots of compliments by the audience on the music chosen. Even applause from the floor after a particularly good track. Tough house!

Thanks Hugh and Nick.

As usual 8pm at the Willis room in Nunawading Civic Centre.


MP Audiophile in Da Lat has a new website, you must have a look:

Unfortunately I could not find the cafe on my last visit, but enjoyed walking around the streets in Da Lat, one of the nicest places in Vietnam. The people are very helpful and friendly, and of course (my opinion) Vietnam has the best coffee in the world.  I first heard of MP Audiophile in a flight magazine, the pictures showed Quad valve amplifiers and Opera loudspeakers. In the latest images I am happy to see beatiful boxes with Altec horns. I’m not sure what the drivers are,  perhaps Mr Xuan Thi will let us know.

MP Audiophile Cafe, near Huyền Trân Công Chúa, Phường 4, tp. Đà Lạt, tỉnh Lâm Đồng, Vietnam. Some photos at