Audio Guild (Mohan’s mob) Klipschorns

Start at 8PM  Klipschorns


The Audio Guild crowd turned up at John’s shed at the bottom of the garden to listen to his excellent Klipschorns, slightly filled in with the Hartley 2×24″ sub. Power and preamp by Luxman/Luxkit, the preamp running from battery power.

Also in use was the EMT 930 in it’s industrial hammertone grey finish, initially with an SPU and then with the rare Neumann cartridge, pic to follow:

EMT 930

And for technical info have a look at


Later there was (By popular request) a change to another Luxman integrated amplifier and the beautiful JBL4431 monitors.

After tasty music supplied by Rockian and others, and dim sims, spring rolls and samosas, many of us left. Thanks John!


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