40 Years of Melbourne Audio Club!

Melbourne Audio Club celebrates its 40th anniversary on the 19th of March. The first half will be a reminiscence of the equipment available in 1973 and 1974, including hearing vintage equipment including a Linn Sondek from 1973 with SME arm and Shure V15 III and MacIntosh 275 power and matching preamp (MacIntosh, not the Apple kind), playing music of the time!
Famously the amplifiers used by the Grateful Dead (26,400watts of them), also 30 years ago! The question is how far have we come in 40 years? (Quite a long way I suspect).

The second part of the night will include pizzas, soft drinks and a little wine and beer, and plenty of conversation. Chris M has collated issues of the club magazine, and there are a number of members who have been with the club since the first meeting.
Pictures after the meeting! Should be an excellent night.


2 comments on “40 Years of Melbourne Audio Club!

  1. I believe the Grateful Dead used a bunch of Mcintosh MC3500 or MI350 amps for their concerts. These are butes and as mono amps delivered 350 watts. I once owned one originally used by the James Gang a Texas r and r band from the 60’s. Terrible sound.

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