I was contacted today about an estate selling Tannoy Autograph GRFs, ordered in 1964 and delivered in 1965, one owner since new. The drivers are 15″ Tannoy Silvers. The executor of the estate has to get the best price possible, I am hoping for pictures by email shortly.
These are ultra rare, very possibly being sold to Japan so if the is any serious interest please leave a comment.


  1. What ever happened to the GRF Tannoys with silvers? Were they corner horns or rectangular horns? Likely they were rectangular as corners with silvers were 1950’s only. I have seen a pair of corners with 15″ golds that were made for and sold into Japan. They were here in Vancouver and owned by a Japanese professor who immigrated to Canada. Ever seen or heard of original GRF cornerrs with 15″ red?

    Looking forward to hearing more.

    Richard Vancouver B.C.

    PS Are you in Australia?

    • The Tannoys are in transit at the moment. (In Australia) An engineer in Melbourne has a pair of Kondo buily GRF replicas, superbly made of course. I’ve heard them with Tannoy Reds, powered by various 300B amplifiers.
      I will post pictures in a new post.

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