Dared 845, Melbourne Audio Club and other thoughts

MAC annual general meeting last night went well, promising to be a good gear ahead. Two positions of interest: currently no programme convener, and an excellent editor for the magazine in Peter A. Any authors with audio articles can send them to the editor via this blog.
Amongst the articles for sale where several of Mark’s valve based preamps and other devices, an Aksa and a Life force (built by Hugh Dean), lots of CDs and records and a mint Dared 845 at a good price from David B.
Unusual use of Lowther drivers in omni or 360° boxes.
November meeting will again be the Osborne’s and Rockian Trading. And December is the DIY night, plenty of time to finish those projects.
I have no computer access to the internet at the moment, all updates via telephone! Anyone wanting to add to this blog please leave a comment and I will reply.
PS every time I type “Lowther” the spell check changes it to “Loathed”. Is it trying to tell us something?


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