Paul’s Ottala, Electrocmpaniet and Quads.

Paul bought a original 25 Watt class A amplifier designed by Matti Ottala the predecessor of the Electro companiet line of amplifiers. He already had an Electrocompaniet AW 100, and he and all who heard the two amps preferred the 25Watter.
Paul spent many hours when the Ottala first arrived replacing the caps and active devices impatiently waiting for scarce components to arrive from Littlediode. Finally all working to perfection he planned a club home meeting. Shortly before the big night the amp let out some of the smoke stored in the transistors, an urgent rebuild began. Several nights until 2am followed and once again all was working perfectly.
On the big night before the guests began arriving Paul set up the system, but also connected up the ordinary AW100 as a standby. The listeners were entranced! The music flowed and the Quad ESL63s sang. Every one was happy. Mark H even commented on how loud the 25 Watts sounded through the electostatics. Class A was obviously the way to go.
Later, after everyone had gone home and Paul was clearing up he switched off the standby 100 Water and everything went silent! They had been listening to the wrong amp all night! Oh well, so much for our critical ability.

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