Sad news this week that Wally Roche passed away.
Many meetings at the Melbourne Audio Club were made memorable by the humourous comments emanating from the rear of the Willis room. Wally many times presented his own speakers, and when asked technical details about the designs he would answer that he had no idea, that he was just a lucky guesser. Having seen the effort he put into testing and listening while adjusting crossovers I can confirm that his “lucky guesses” were based on years of experience and critical listening. His builds were notable for their impeccable finish.
Wally was great company at the HiFi Exchange on Saturdays, we all expected a joke as we stood around the coffee machine, his delivery was unique!
How many times did Wally announce that he had now built the best speaker you had ever heard? I remember him after he acquired his Whyse/Nakamichi speakers. He then said that he now had found his ultimate speakers.
My condolences to Molly, Wally was an unforgettable friend.

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