ATC at Melbourne Audio Club 15 October!

Next meeting will demonstrate the ATC speakers we had hoped to hear in March. Bill Woodman described the reasoning behind the design of his drivers previously. Now we will be able to hear if they are as good as promised.
The September meeting was really good fun, the music was provided by members, Oppo 95 as the source, the preamp was a Lucas Cant “Black Arts” that Matt has now claimed. The amp was John’s own Tango designed power amp now using Siemens f2a long life pentodes ala Shindo Cortese and Simphonia. Fabulous sound, the speakers were Krixs using 2 8″ drivers plus Dynaudio D76 tweeter.

Melbourne Audio Club- next meeting 17 Sep 2014

After many members made comments about the choice of music played at general meetings NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!
Put your best demo discs (any digital format) into the hat for next Wednesday night. You can not possibly complain about the choice of music, as it is up to you to show us what you’ve got.
See you Wednesday night at 8pm for your digital recordings via a rather nice valve amp and Krix speakers. Oppo source.

Pictures of Ongaku and Autographs


The magic combination. Goldbug Briar cartridge on Victor deck, Shindo Massetto preamp and the Mondo Ongaku copy. Tannoy 15″ Reds in Shindo made Autograph cabinets. For CD and SACD the high end Marantz.
For your delectation a pair of Lowthers in Alfredo cabinets.


What good fortune! The combination of a clone Ongaku powering a pair of Tannoy Autographs, Marantz SACD player and Shindo Massetto preamp.
The Ongaku clone is superbly built, using top of the range Tango transformers (power transformer by Lucas Cant) with WE 211 valves. Pleanty of power with the efficient Autographs using Tannoy reds, and a nice deep tight bass. Needless to say it was an experience, the sound from memory was just like the original Ongaku brought in by Surya at the Absolute Sound sone time ago.