NO SINGING ! Happy new year

Good wishes for the year of the goat. Do’s and dont’s for today:
No porridge. It’s considered food for poor people and we all want to be rich, don’t we? Eat rice instead (rice to make it rain)
Don’t wash your hair on the first day of thwe lunar new year. The word for hair is close to the word for luck, so don’t wash your luck away.
NO SINGING! Singing attracts ghosts and we don’t want that on the listening room.
No cleaning or laundry! Sweeping is like sweeping the good luck away, and this also happens to be the birthday of the water spirit. Don’t make him wofk on his birthday.
Fir good luuck, wear something red. And this is the best tome to visit friends and family. New Year (Tet) in Vietnam is the time when absolutely everyone goes home or visits family. A fabulous time if you have family tbere, but chaos to get around if you’re a visitor.
A Japanese tradition it to eat long noodles…Do not cut or bite them, long noodles represent long life. Time fie eatings and messing noodles and
rice on your red top with family and friends. Happy New Year!


Next Wednesday 18 Feb Arthur Rappos will demonstrate his valve preamp in the latest iteration. Ultra quiet real balanced inputs and outputs as well as RCAs. Arthur is perfectionist, this Pnyx (let’s see what the spell checker thinks of Pnyx!) preamplifier is direct oupled, no caps or transformers in the line stage. And now a phono stage will be avaiable.

Powered by an Elektra Reference amp to achieve the highest resolution from an Antipodes Audio music server. This should be worth hearing, expect some HR music provided by Warwick Freemantle. The speakers use the amazing and expensive Accuton ceramic drivers, “Vescova” from Gauder Akustik.

Lots of new equipment to enjoy, Nick K has done it again! Really not to be missed.

TURNTABLES : Commonwealth and Garrard 301

Spinning vinyl is the hot topic this week, ¬†beginning wirh two Commonwealth turntables at Abbey’s on Saturday. Both bought by a friend who alredy owns a mint condition one. Duc at Golden Age Audio also uses one and all who’ve heard it will be interested. Both should be available from John’s Exchange soon.

Np sooner had the Commonwealths been won when Van set up Derek’s Linn LP12. The excuse for fiddling with tihe LP12 was that Derek was convinced his LP12 was NOT sounding better than CD. So he and Van got busy, this is a direct quote:

For me, it was the frustration that my vinyl rig did not sound better than my CD. It was the lack of knowledge of setting up TTs that was frustrating me, and I kept thinking that some part in my Vinyl chain was a missing link, ie could it be the cheap cartridge, the lack of ‘trampoline board’ or some fandangled power supply, or was it my tonearm, was the cartrdige misaligned…? – the inexperience almost made me buy a Rega 2 or 4 from John a couple of times last year. Too many variables to consider.

Yet…Van knew what may have been the cause and adjusted the tracking weight and the ‘treble/bass’ and air and soundstage just opened up. Then we re-checked the cartridge force against spec. I thought the cartridge was within spec for tracking force, but I guess its the ‘knowledge’ of the tweaking that improved it no end.
But the new price of Linns is obscene ($6k-12k- infinity), considering how simple it is with no fancy material or technology. In saying that, I have to get a new original Linn belt and its original felt mat (would you believe I threw it out by accident cos I swapped it into a broken turntable and took that rubber mat instead. I may also try a thick cork mat to experiment –
The next part of this week’s Vinyl story was the phone call from Ray who was about to buy a grey (schedule 1) grease bearing Garrard 301. Stlill one of ghe best sounding decks. I remember a customer telling me he’d just put a cream 301 out eith the rubbish that morning! ¬†A lucky passe by scored that one. I looked up the refernces and comparisons of the grease baring and oil bearing Garrards. Loricraft and 6 moons were the best. Lin
ks and photos to follow soon.
Don’t forget the best vinyl source and Art Dudley of Stereophile also has an interesting stpry about making a plinth for his 301.