NO SINGING ! Happy new year

Good wishes for the year of the goat. Do’s and dont’s for today:
No porridge. It’s considered food for poor people and we all want to be rich, don’t we? Eat rice instead (rice to make it rain)
Don’t wash your hair on the first day of thwe lunar new year. The word for hair is close to the word for luck, so don’t wash your luck away.
NO SINGING! Singing attracts ghosts and we don’t want that on the listening room.
No cleaning or laundry! Sweeping is like sweeping the good luck away, and this also happens to be the birthday of the water spirit. Don’t make him wofk on his birthday.
Fir good luuck, wear something red. And this is the best tome to visit friends and family. New Year (Tet) in Vietnam is the time when absolutely everyone goes home or visits family. A fabulous time if you have family tbere, but chaos to get around if you’re a visitor.
A Japanese tradition it to eat long noodles…Do not cut or bite them, long noodles represent long life. Time fie eatings and messing noodles and
rice on your red top with family and friends. Happy New Year!


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