Happy 21st Redgum!

The next MAC meeting Wednesday 20 May. Here is a preview of the Redgum presentation. This will be very popular meeting, there has been a lot of interest in Ian’s designs, and he and Lindy usually provide the most interesting and entertaining meetings. Meetings start at 8PM in the Willis room.


Melbourne Audio Club has another world first. To celebrate the 21st anniversary of Redgum products in Australia the club has invited Ian Robinson and Lindy Gerber to present their new flagship monoblock amplifier, the Redgum “Magnificata”. This will be the first public demonstration (yes, a world exclusive!) from their newly named Amplifolia range of amplifiers.
The Magnifica has been purpose designed to power ultra-low impedance speakers, and then some more. A few Power Output stats tell the story… Into 8ohms – greater than 350W/ch (Transient Power 500W). Into 4 ohms – greater than 900W/ch (Transient Power 2000W) All the input connectors are hand – wired with OCC single strand, solid core Silver wiring.
Running off these new mono blocks, will be Redgum’s gorgeous looking Regnans Floorstanding Loudspeakers finished off in a high gloss Redgum wood veneer. The Regnans are a 2.5-way design featuring 2x170mm drivers with a 25mm soft dome tweeter, all sourced from SEAS.
Speaking of source, the front end for the system will be Redgum’s tried and trusted RGCD5ENR CD player, as well as their DAC. In addition a Blue-ray Player fore Hi-Res discs and files from a laptop to round off the music presentation.
It’s been some time, (more than a decade) since we last had Ian and Lindy at a club meeting. With a long and enviable career in the Hi Fi Industry, I am sure this evening will be an impressive demonstration of well designed Australian audio equipment.


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