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MORE BASS (Jerry Wexler)

Jerry Wexler died at his home in Sarasota, Florida, on August 15, 2008, from congestive heart failure. Asked by a documentary filmmaker several years before his death what he wanted on his tombstone, Wexler replied “Two words: ‘More bass.’
Amongst others he signed or produced Ray Charles, the Allman Brothers, Chris Connor, Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, Wilson Pickett, Dire Straits, Dusty Springfield and Bob Dylan.

Good News about the Hifi Exchange

Even though the exchange is being sold, the new home (Rookes Road Nunawading) will welcome the Saturday coffee club! The good news part is that I will not be at the new Exchange for at least the first few Saturdays-I will still be at the Camera exchange while John will help with the transition for at least the first month.

The move to Rookes Td will take about three weeks, I believe a coffee machine is on the list.
Nothing much will change, the website goes with the business, and much of the existing stock will be available. The servicing and testing equipment and a stock of valves will also be available. As I learn more I will keep the blog up to date.

On a different note, if you are interested inKondo, Vitavox, TAD and beautifull woodwork, have a look at the 2 million dollar system on Mike Fremer’s Analogue Planet (Stereophile) Bangko show report. After you’ve read the article put your name down to visit the show June next year.

lv mill

lv mill

Marcus Mcleod. Funeral Tuesday 23 June 2015

The memorial for Marcus was an opportunity to see how many lives he had affected, so many people with so many good memorirs and stories. Condolences to all who knew and loved Marcus.
There is a facebook page, Marcus Mcleod community, which has some messages from family and friends.

VIVID G1 GIYA and Tenor amplifier.

I have been sittling listening with Len tp a pair of G1 Giya speakers. The source was the great sounding music ripped and played through the MSB ripper and DAC. The first time I’ve listened to the Giyas and also the first audition of the Canadian Tenor amplifier.

Tenor claim “zero perceived distortion” as the reason for the amplifiet’s non-fatiguing uncoloured reproduction. And the most evident characteristic of the Vivids is also ultra low colouration and np box sound.

When the first sounds emerged from the system the speakers simply disappeared, the performers and instriments were simply placed in front of us, the sound had no obvious source. If you look at the Giyas as sculptures on the room you could believe that there were no loudspeakers in the room.

Impressions? Compared to Wilson Maxxs, big Apogees, B+W 801 and 802, these were probably the lowest colouration and certainly the best imaging. Very natural and clean sounding with crisp transients and no unnatural sibilants. In my top 3 speakers!

MELBOURNE AUDIO CLUB next meeting, withGoodmans Axiom 80s

Ron is bringing his desirable Axiom 80 for the next meeting. Goodmans Axiom 80s amongst the earliest of full range single drivers and are pretty rare these days. I know some members have a preconception  that full range drivers have “unusual” sound reproduction, let’s listen with open minds.

Nick has sent this which will be in your MAN

Several months ago, a member came up to me at one of our general meetings, and said he had a special speaker he wanted to demonstrate to the club. “What’s so special” I asked him.
“It’s a full range speaker from 1960”. Jesus! I wasn’t even born then.
Why do you want to demo the speaker? “Well, since I joined the club back in 2007, I have not seen many full range speakers demonstrated at the MAC”. So for this month, after the AGM elections, we will have Ron Healy with his Goodmans Axiom 80 Loudspeakers.
The Axiom 80’s are a 10-inch,twin cone, full range speaker designed to reproduce bass fundamentals down to 20 cycles, and highs out to 20,000 cycles.The most revolutionary design, is its achievement of free cone suspension. A theoretical ideal that permits the cone to move as a true piston at low frequencies , without restriction. Ron has mounted two Axiom 80 driver’s in each cabinet, wired in parallel and fitted with a Zobel impedance matching circuit. Each driver has a sensitivity of 97 dB and a power handling of 6 watts RMS. The speaker cabinets are a Goodmans design fitted with their Acoustical Resistance Units
The equipment partnering the speakers on the night, will be all provided by Ron. He plans to bring a turntable for his selection of analogue music, and an Oppo 95 for SACD,s. I’m even told that he may play a DVD concert, just a short piece, to give the presentation a bit of variety. Considering that Axiom 80’s are seen as the holy grail of full range speakers, fetching more than $4000 US dollars on eBay. Their unique design – no rubber surround, makes them a very rare piece of speaker technology.
What also makes this meeting such a rare occasion, is the enthusiasm of this club member to volunteer his time , to bring his own hi fi system and provide the music. I hope this same enthusiasm will transform to some new faces volunteering their time on the new committee.
Nick K.
Caretaker Program Co-ordinator