VIVID G1 GIYA and Tenor amplifier.

I have been sittling listening with Len tp a pair of G1 Giya speakers. The source was the great sounding music ripped and played through the MSB ripper and DAC. The first time I’ve listened to the Giyas and also the first audition of the Canadian Tenor amplifier.

Tenor claim “zero perceived distortion” as the reason for the amplifiet’s non-fatiguing uncoloured reproduction. And the most evident characteristic of the Vivids is also ultra low colouration and np box sound.

When the first sounds emerged from the system the speakers simply disappeared, the performers and instriments were simply placed in front of us, the sound had no obvious source. If you look at the Giyas as sculptures on the room you could believe that there were no loudspeakers in the room.

Impressions? Compared to Wilson Maxxs, big Apogees, B+W 801 and 802, these were probably the lowest colouration and certainly the best imaging. Very natural and clean sounding with crisp transients and no unnatural sibilants. In my top 3 speakers!


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