I was priveliged to view the new shop and listening room. The display shelves look really gpod but importamtly the treatment in the listenong room allows the equipment to perform properly. You must hear the dofference compared to the old listening room; better tighter bass, extended frequency range and no overhang on transiwnts.  A new coffee machine for super coffee and a nice kitchen with a small table and seats to enjoy a cup and chat.

The Grand Opening and barbeque at the new premises MAY BE DELAYED ! Ray is almost ready but eants everything to be just right.
Ray and John are moving the stock this week. The Hifi part of the shop on Box Hill has moved, camera exchange open for business as usual.

The Hifi exchange will open at 152 Rooks Road Nunawading as soon as Ray is ready, probably on 22 August. Watch this space.

A reminder, the next Melbourne Aeudio Club is on Wednesday 19 August.


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