Next Melboune Audio Club meeting Live Music

The postponed Live Music event (19Aug) has been re-scheduled for the next meeting.
Last meeting Ray and John stepped in to help at the last minute.
19August2015 copy


Why don’t we have some real music? I mean musicians playing music on real instruments? Well this month, we step away from the norm and welcome back Scott Dunbabin. Back in 2012 he performed for the club with his group “The Nexus Project”. This trio of musicians from Melbourne will be playing original music on innovative self-designed instruments.
Scott’s six string double bass takes the frontline in the group. Apart from his fine playing, his technical knowledge of instruments has lead him to design and build his own double bass. This same enthusiasm is shared with his fellow musicians. Drummer/percussionist Serge De Lucio has designed his own drum kit. Guitarist James Wakeling has also designed and built his own bodyless guitar.
The music can be described as jazz in a very traditional sense, but the music draws on a variety of influences, with elements of folk, classical and progressive rock. There is a strong emphasis on melody, timbre, texture and dynamics with a style that is unique but still familiar. You just have to see and hear these musicians playing on their original instruments.
We are in for a fascinating evening.
Nick Karayanis – proxy Program Co-ordinator / Vice Presedent.


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