Garott, Sota Sapphire, Open Baffle speakers all at Hif Exchange!

Ray has set up some very interesting open baffle speakers PureAudio, Project Trio 15 TB SE using a pair of Eminance Alpha 15″ drivers and a Tang Band full range. The are pretty good, driven by valve pre and valve or transistor power amps (Ming Da, Earle Weston or Sansui).

Open baffle Pureaudio

Open baffle Pureaudio

Star of the show for me will be the Sota Sapphire turntable recently fully serviced by Carl, and using a Garrott Brothers Optim cartridge.

Garrott Bros Optim

Garrott Bros Optim

I’ve always favoured the Sota, and I love the musical quality of the Garrott cartridges. I am really looking forward to playing some vinyl at the shop.

Paul’s POP, Altec Valencias and Connoisseur 101 with Koetsu!

Paul’s selection of tracks for the pop night ranged from Brownie and McGhee to Neil Young and the Beatles. Dynamics to even impress Red (who was heard to comment that the Altecs outdid even his beloved Tannoys in dynamics). All vinyl, even Mono from such as Tennessee  Ernie Ford, and the Koetsu Black had a sweet rich sound through the Wand arm and Connoisseur, plenty of detail and no emphasis of surface sounds despite the 511 horns.

Great evening, possibly the last by our host for a little while. Thanks Paul!

Tannoy 15″ Gold and Earle Weston 300B monoblocs

I have just got back from listening to a pair of fifteen inch Monitor Golds in superb boxes. The drivers have had the once-over by Atilla, serindipitously arriving at the same time as John’ own Weston 300B monoblocs. Midrange like honey, and the right box size for a clean tight bass. Saturday is the first chance to listen to this system. Bring a CD.

Amazing archives, Audio, video and text.

“Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, and more.”


I came across this site

while doing a little research on history of some South East Asian countries. They have archived books, for example, about Burma in 1889! Some interesting reading and access to books unobtainable elsewhere. Then I spotted the sections on community audio and video, live music archives and more. Look at som of the old newsreels (from the USA) and war propaganda, old radio and tv shows, and it’s all non-commercial.

A great resource.