Garott, Sota Sapphire, Open Baffle speakers all at Hif Exchange!

Ray has set up some very interesting open baffle speakers PureAudio, Project Trio 15 TB SE using a pair of Eminance Alpha 15″ drivers and a Tang Band full range. The are pretty good, driven by valve pre and valve or transistor power amps (Ming Da, Earle Weston or Sansui).

Open baffle Pureaudio

Open baffle Pureaudio

Star of the show for me will be the Sota Sapphire turntable recently fully serviced by Carl, and using a Garrott Brothers Optim cartridge.

Garrott Bros Optim

Garrott Bros Optim

I’ve always favoured the Sota, and I love the musical quality of the Garrott cartridges. I am really looking forward to playing some vinyl at the shop.


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