Live recording at Melbourne Audio Club LOST

Sorry!  I had hoped to post the audio of the last meeting here.The only recording of the band has somehow been deleted.What makes it worse is that John claimed the sound of the drumming was fantastic.

Next time there is real live music we will borrow an old analogue direct to disc cutting lathe and make original master recordings. Or perhaps be a little more careful wirh the files.

Next meeting will demonstrate the Bluesound streamer and cd ripper, This is what appears in the next issue:

Bluesound – Not Your Average Wireless Multizone Audio

The designers at NAD and PSB have come up with a brilliant solution to the problem of high-res, whole-house audio that combines superb sound reproduction with twenty-first century connectivity. With six models in the Bluesound Gen 2 line up, the brands products are a significant step-up from Sonos and Bose, with all models capable of 24-bit/192 kHz music decoding and playback.

This month’s meeting we will have Convoy, the distributors for Bluesound, demonstrating two of their products. The Power Node 2 ($1499) and Vault 2 ($1999) both units offer similar functionality. Streaming audio from computers and NAS drives, Internet Radio and cloud -streaming services such as Tidal. The Power Node 2 streamer/amplifier uses Direct Digital amplifier technology, developed by NAD, to deliver 60W per channel. Speakers can be connected directly to the unit to create a room ‘zone’, all controlled with your tablet or smartphone.

The star of the Bluesound line up is the Vault 2, a CD ripper with 2TB of storage built in, with the ability to rip CDs in bit-perfect lossless FLAC without the need for a computer. It can search music from NAS drives or USB connected hard drives, as well as play back music to an existing Hi-Fi system via its stereo outputs or a coaxial digital out. With the Bluesound app and a tablet, you have the capability to add to your high-res music collection by downloading directly from Highresaudio Online Stores onto the Vaults hard drive.

Convoy will put together a system comprising of B&W speakers, a pair of CM6 S2s and the matching 10 inch subwoofer. The Bluesound system will demonstrate how mature this form of audio has become – the wireless transmission of music was once viewed as a novelty – it is now possible to do music over Wi-Fi up to 24-bit/96kHz, better than CD. With the slogan ‘Hi-Fi never went away, it just never went wireless’ Bluesound will appeal to a new group of audiophiles, will that be you?

Nick Karayanis


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